Market Scope Celebrates 20 Years in Ophthalmology

Market Scope, the leading provider of ophthalmic industry insights, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. Two decades of experience in ophthalmology have transformed Market Scope from a new venture with big ideas into a successful research and consulting company relied upon by ophthalmic surgeons, leading manufacturers, start-ups, and investors for data to improve their ophthalmic business operations and outcomes.

Market Scope was launched in April 1996 by David Harmon with the first edition of the Comprehensive Refractive Market Report, which at the time focused solely on the US market. Shortly after, the company launched “Refractive Market Perspectives,” a monthly newsletter focused on refractive business news. Today, Market Scope, still led by Harmon, offers nearly 20 comprehensive reports published annually, a monthly ophthalmic newsletter, and several quarterly offerings, and the company designs custom research projects spanning the industry.

Market Scope has also added, allowing surgeons a secure portal to participate in quarterly surveys and receive data and up-to-date news about all things ophthalmology. Surveys are now offered to international surgeons, as well as those in the US, and cover the retina, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive subspecialties.

Market Scope is proud to have expanded its team to include many with diverse ophthalmic backgrounds who are highly motivated to provide quality products and service to customers.

“We at Market Scope are thankful to our many customers for making this anniversary possible,” says Harmon. “Their feedback has helped shape our company through the years, and their faith in our ability to accurately advise them on the ophthalmic market has sustained us. We look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers for many years to come.”