Market Scope Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and privacy are an important priority at Market Scope. We value the trust that you have placed in us by completing a Market Scope survey, and we understand that our business depends on this trust. We make the following commitments regarding use of your survey data:

  1. Individual survey data is confidential and is not shared outside of Market Scope.
  2. Our reports and analysis contain only aggregate information based on all the surveys received.
  3. We do not identify to third parties which practices or patients participated in our surveys.
  4. We take the following steps to safeguard survey data:
    • Paper surveys are shredded and destroyed as soon as data entry, verification, and summary reports are complete. During the period of time that we maintain paper copies of your survey, they are stored in a locked cabinet when not in use. Access to the cabinet is limited to those employees who need to perform survey data entry and data verification.
    • Our survey database is stored on a password protected database behind a firewall on our own server.
    • Online surveys are stored on password-protected servers by third parties until they are downloaded. Once downloaded and verified, the records are removed from the third-party servers and de-identified (respondents IDs are disconnected from the survey responses). Online surveys completed through the new Market Scope web site are identified only by user created ID.