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2018 Cataract Equipment Report: A Global Market Analysis for 2017 to 2023, June, 2018

New in the 2018 Cataract Equipment Report, Market Scope:

  • Addresses current and future technological challenges to ultrasonic phaco, including next-generation femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) systems, robotic systems, micro-interventional cataract surgical (MICS) devices such as Iantech’s miLOOP, and small incision cataract surgery (SICS)
  • Addresses technologies that will make ultrasonic phaco even safer and more effective such as automated cataract capsulotomy devices (ACCDs). Even though the first of these devices, the Mynosys Zepto, just launched, we predict how these devices will be used and forecast their market penetration and revenue impact over the next five years.
  • Looks for changes in the way cataract surgery is performed over the next five years and analyze office-based cataract surgery (OBCS). We predict office-based cataract surgery will soon become a reality in some parts of the world, and we explore the technologies that will help move surgery toward the office setting.
  • Evaluates the current adoption rate of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery (SBCS) in different regions of the world and list the technologies that will stimulate its adoption.
  • Addresses subtle, but important, advances that are being made in flow control in newer ultrasonic systems, which is driving many cataract surgeons to upgrade their older systems, creating strong demand for machines.
  • Shows that FLACS laser sales have flattened in recent years, but the number of procedures shows a promising trend in many countries, including the US. We outline improvements in the technology and changes to the business model that we believe are required for companies to increase market penetration beyond its current limited segment. We evaluate FLACS technologies in development today, and we project which ones will be developed over the next five years to reinvigorate growth.
  • Evaluates the status of attempts to create a robotic cataract surgery platform.

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