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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Practice Scope?

Practice Scope is an online survey tool and information source for ophthalmologists. This tool can help you analyze practice patterns, evaluate treatment choices, and benchmark your practice. The tool is simple: we ask you to complete online surveys about your practice. In exchange, we provide you with continuous online access to a wealth of data and analysis on national averages for survey topics, as well as information on the ophthalmic industry.

I am having trouble navigating the site, i.e. surveying your patients, sending colleagues results, taking surveys, etc..

Make sure your internet browser is updated to the latest available edition. We strongly recommend the use of Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, or Apple's Safari. If you are still experiencing problems, please call us for further assistance.

What does Practice Scope do to protect my privacy?

We never reveal who has filled out our surveys and never sell your survey information. Individual responses to our surveys are held in strictest confidence, and all survey analysis and reports contain only summary information.

How many doctors complete Practice Scope surveys?

Survey response varies widely, but we receive between one hundred and five hundred responses to any given survey. Market Scope has been surveying ophthalmologists for more than 12 years, with more than 15,000 surveys completed to date.

Is my survey response anonymous?

Practice Scope surveys are de-identified (the data we collect is not associated with names of responding doctors or other identifying information from their practices.) Our proprietary registration process and survey management process assures that all those entering the web site and completing the survey are valid ophthalmologists/ophthalmic practices. This process allows us to assure survey integrity without identifying individual respondents.

Why can I only see instant results for some questions?

Instant results are simply a snapshot of survey responses and therefore may include only a few responses that are not representative of the market. In addition, instant results have not undergone rigorous analysis. Many questions don’t lend themselves to this type of instant reporting and these are not included in the instant results. Additional survey data is included in our in-depth analysis provided at the end of each survey period.

What are conversion rates?

We ask for two conversion rates. The first is the number of patients who schedule a refractive surgery consultation divided by the number of patients who call your office inquiring about refractive surgery. The second is the number of patients who had refractive surgery divided by the number of patients who had a refractive surgery consultation.

Can I fill out a paper copy of the survey?

Yes, you can still fill out a paper copy of our survey, if you prefer. Just contact us and we will send a copy of our paper survey by email or postal delivery.

Why can’t I see in-depth analysis for the survey I just completed?

Our in-depth survey reports are released approximately 90 days after the beginning of a survey period. In order to provide the best information possible we wait until receiving all surveys before analyzing the entire dataset. Instant results for select questions are available immediately and will continually update as we receive more survey responses.

Can I share results with a colleague?

In-depth results can be shared on a one-time use basis by clicking the “Share with a colleague” link located at the top of each results page. In order to maintain the integrity of the survey, we strongly encourage any doctor desiring full results to register and fill out the survey.

When is the next survey available?

We survey on a quarterly cycle, with responses gathered for roughly the first half of each period. At the end of each cycle we produce an in-depth analysis of the survey and release the next quarter’s survey.

How long has Practice Scope been surveying?

While Practice Scope made its debut in the fall of 2010, Market Scope has been surveying ophthalmologists for more than 12 years, with more than 15,000 surveys completed to date.

What does Practice Scope do with survey data?

We use aggregate survey responses to provide doctors with in-depth analysis of our survey results, in addition to the instant results available immediately to survey respondents. Survey data also provides a basis for reports used by the ophthalmic industry to help shape important decisions and directions in ophthalmology, informing practice of medicine standards as they evolve, guiding product development efforts, and bringing data-rich perspective to medical care issues for the media and government.

Can I use data from Practice Scope at meetings, in presentations, or with patients?

We encourage use of our data in all settings, but we kindly request that all statistics are credited to Practice Scope or Market Scope and are reviewed by us first in order to assure accuracy, proper context, and disclosure of the survey date, number of participants, etc.

What does Practice Scope cost?

Practice Scope is a free tool to help doctors benchmark their practices, stay current with trends, and learn about new technologies. In exchange for completing our surveys, you gain access to real-time results, in-depth analysis, and a deeply discounted subscription to Ophthalmic Market Perspectives, Market Scope’s industry-leading monthly publication. Aggregate survey results are also included in Market Scope reports. Revenues from sales of Market Scope reports pay for the Practice Scope website and data analysis.

What do I get for filling out the survey?

In exchange for completing a survey, Practice Scope provides access to instant results, in-depth survey analysis, and a 70 percent discount on Ophthalmic Market Perspectives, Market Scope’s industry-leading monthly publication.

How do I remove myself from Practice Scope?

If you no longer wish to participate in Practice Scope, just contact us and we will permanently remove you from Practice Scope. In order to prevent accidental deletion, you are not able to delete your account.

What happens if I start a survey and need to stop?

Progress on any survey is saved each time you navigate to the “next” page. If you select the “Save and Exit” button at the bottom of any survey page, your progress is saved. When you log back into Practice Scope and click on the applicable survey, you will restart where you left off.