Main Features

Market Scope+ is designed to offer eye care providers a secure platform to easily participate in surveys, stay informed on industry insights, and earn incentives.

Complete Surveys

Survey participation offers eye care providers a unique chance to measure practice performance against nationwide averages and helps guide companies on the needs of ophthalmologists and optometrists to guide product development, messaging, pricing, and access.

Stay Informed

Gain access to the latest industry insights and stay up to date on market news and trends. We provide instant survey results that help you analyze practice patterns, evaluate treatment choices, and benchmark your practice, as well weekly news coverage to keep you updated on the latest in the ophthalmic industry.

Earn Incentives

Participants in most surveys have the option of an e-gift card sent to them or a charitable donation made in their name. Past recipients include Orbis International, ASCRS Foundation, Glaucoma 360, Doctors Without Borders, and the Houston Food Bank. We realize your time is valuable, and we offer these incentives to show our appreciation for the time you spend participating.


Our business is built on the privacy and trust of our participants. Market Scope reports only aggregated data in our survey reports that are shared with participants, and your individual responses will always be de-identified before summary analysis to safeguard your anonymity.

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Market Scope+ is designed to be secure, efficient, and easy to use.


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Market Scope+ is available for iOS and Android users on the App Store and Google Play.

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