Custom & Primary Research

Market Scope provides comprehensive third-party primary research solutions to clients seeking to solicit feedback from United States and European ophthalmologists on new product design, messaging, pricing and experience with current technology, and expectations from future treatments.

We leverage our expert knowledge of the ophthalmic industry to design custom research that enhances strategy and operations for our clients. Our unique experience makes us a trusted partner in defining problems and executing solutions. While this page outlines common project types, each project is custom designed to meet clients needs. Please contact us for an individualized project consultation.

Surgeon Interviews

Our comprehensive, qualitative approach to interview engagements is focused on asking the right questions to get you the answers you need to make better decisions. We start with targeted recruiting from our proprietary database to ensure a balanced mix of surgeons by geography, experience, procedure volume, leadership, etc. Our team works closely with clients to develop targeted interview scripts, a balanced audience of participants from our proprietary database, and a range of deliverables, including co-branded survey reports, interview summaries, and baseline data comparisons. Pricing and delivery timelines vary based on the number of interview participants. Past projects have included:

  • Surgeon experience and perception of devices and pharmaceuticals.
  • New product development and expectations of product adoption and implementation.
  • Feedback on pricing and product messaging.

US Sales Territory Analysis

Leveraging data from our United States Atlases, we provide metro and ZIP-code level detail for industry and practices looking to expand their market presence. Data points include expected procedures performed (monofocal IOL, premium IOL, and refractive procedures, MIGS, IVT injections, and more); and patient demographics, including age, wealth, education, likelihood of seeking treatment, etc.). Our most popular requests come from the following clients:

  • Ophthalmic companies building new territories or optimizing existing ones.
  • Practices seeking to expand into a new area with a new practice or ASC.
  • Private equity firms exploring practice acquisition or company investment.

Our experienced analytics team can customize the analysis to meet client needs to maximize output of sales territories, establish sales goals and objectives, and measure performance.

Focus Groups

Our newest new custom offering for clients who want more surgeon interaction and feedback than a custom survey can provide, and need quicker results than our interview process can accommodate. We also offer a subscription-based, syndicated, quarterly focus group on key topics to explore trends and opinions throughout the year and a fully customized a la carte option. The format can range from an open forum with informal dialogue to more a structured process with predefined questions and pre-signed NDAs.

This is a live process with an online video discussion format ranging from 30 minutes to three hours on Zoom/Webex/etc. Participants are carefully selected to cater to topic and project. Participants can be screened based on surgical volume, specialty adoption profile, years in practice, etc. This allows us to get feedback either from a very diverse or very specific group, depending on your needs.

Disease Models

Our proprietary global disease models take into consideration the latest clinical research and demographic projections on a global scale and can be customized by geographic and demographic characteristics to meet our clients' diverse needs. Current offerings include country-level analysis and projections for:

  • Retinal conditions including (RVO, AMD, DME, etc.)
  • Refractive error distribution for myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia
  • Dry eye
  • Glaucoma including OH, OAG, etc.

Past projects have included target market analysis and projections for clinical-stage and commercial-stage clients.

Surgeon Surveys

Market Scope leverages our proprietary database of US and European ophthalmologists to solicit insight on new product design, experience with current products and treatment methods, and input on future innovation.

Custom surveys provide an efficient, quantitative approach with a one-month turnaround and flat rate pricing. Clients begin by establishing desired outcomes and co-developing and approving survey questions. Only weeks later, they receive a confidential report analyzing and summarizing the findings from all questions.

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