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Market Scope uses a multi-source methodology when preparing our annual and quarterly reports. We incorporate surgeon surveys, our extensive database of physicians and surgery centers, disease models, clinical studies, financial reports, and more. Our wide-ranging knowledge of products and technology and our comprehensive network of industry contacts also contribute to our coverage on the ophthalmic industry.


2024 IOL Market Report: Global Analysis for 2023 to 2029, March, 2024

The “2024 IOL Market Report” provides an in-depth analysis of the current intraocular lens market and forecasts performance over the next five years. It includes analysis of current markets, identification of important trends, and discussion of key factors for future success. 

This report describes and forecasts performance by region for 11 categories of IOLs: commodity monofocal, enhanced monofocal/intermediate-optimized monofocal, toric, PC-toric, bifocal, trifocal, extended depth of focus (EDOF), EDOF multifocal hybrid, accommodating, postoperatively adjustable, and phakic IOLs. Additionally, 34 companies are profiled, with discussion of their products, strategic market position, background, and outlook.

2024 United States Cataract Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, April, 2024


2024 United States Cataract Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, April, 2024

Ophthalmic Market Perspectives Monthly Newsletter

March, 2024

Market Scope has published the Ophthalmic Market Perspectives (OMP) newsletter for more than 20 years. The newsletter provides the latest business information that is shaping ophthalmic markets and professions. Our articles explore new technologies and company developments. We offer opinions on issues facing the industry. We also analyze and chart quarterly industry data, and we forecast market performance over time.

2024 United States Refractive Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, March, 2024

The “2024 United States Refractive Atlas” provides a geographic analysis of the US refractive market in 85 metropolitan areas. Market Scope’s MedOp Index™ Analysis is used to identify the potential for refractive surgery and considers many factors for each geography, including:  population age distribution, refractive error, income/buying power, overall health, education level, and location of refractive surgeons and LVC centers. High-opportunity populations and benchmarking comparisons are provided for each metropolitan area. Additionally, the atlas provides a comprehensive directory of all US practices offering refractive surgery. Market Scope also offers customization of atlas data to align with sales territories or specific geographic areas.

2024 Retinal Surgical Device Market Report: Global Analysis for 2023 to 2029, February, 2024

The “2024 Retinal Surgical Device Market Report” provides in-depth analysis of the global retinal device market, examining the market’s size and growth, as well as identifying important developments that may shape its future. The analysis focuses on the 2024 market and forecasts market growth and evolution through 2029. Additionally, 21 retina device companies are profiled, with discussion of their products, strategic market position, background, and outlook.

Ophthalmic Deals Report

Q4, 2023

The “Ophthalmic Deals Report” analyzes recent investments in ophthalmology and provides information for evaluation of the market value of various technologies, as evidenced by investment amounts and sales prices for new ophthalmic ventures.

This report covers recent investments in ophthalmic ventures, including venture capital, public offerings, licensing, milestone payments, sales of products and companies, and major borrowings. The report is designed for entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, and companies looking to invest in the ophthalmic market—and companies looking to raise funds.

2023 Corneal Disease Model, December, 2023

Market Scope’s "2023 Corneal Disease Model" offers extensive country-level prevalence data and five-year forecasts for nine corneal diseases for all countries with a population over a million.

This proprietary model takes into consideration the latest clinical research and demographic projections on a global scale and can be customized by geography and disease category to meet clients’ diverse needs. Disease models can be used to evaluate target markets for clinical-stage and commercial-stage products and gain insights into the volume and demographics of diseased populations.

2023 United States Diagnostic Equipment Survey Report, December, 2023

Market Scope in 2023 conducted an online survey of US ophthalmologists focused on diagnostic equipment to better understand industry dynamics, gain important insights into leading trends, and explore surgeons’ opinions on current and future technologies. Sponsors were given the opportunity to review survey questions and add additional questions. Email invitations were sent to US ophthalmologists who had been individually confirmed and verified on to participate in the survey. Email invitations were sent on Nov. 10, 2023. There were 119 total complete, unique responses.

2023 Cornea Products Market Report: Global Analysis for 2022 to 2028, December, 2023

The “2023 Cornea Products Market Report” provides an overview of corneal diseases and gives estimates for the populations in six disease categories. The report discusses cornea products and treatments and revenue forecasts for cornea transplants, therapeutic lenses, PTK, intrastromal corneal ring segments, and corneal crosslinking. It also reviews organ donation policy, regulations, and the role of cornea specialists, eye banks, and other organizations.

This report considers over 70 products from more than 50 companies in its market forecasts and discusses the upcoming pipeline of new technologies that have yet to recognize revenue. Hundreds of eye banks, research institutes, and NGOs are also considered. Also included are 12 in-depth company profiles on key market players.

2023 Optical Coherence Tomography Market Report: Global Analysis for 2022 to 2028, December, 2023

The “2023 Optical Coherence Tomography Market Report” provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market for OCT imagers and forecasts market performance over the next five years. It analyzes the market drivers for the OCT segment, including providers, related diseases, competitive forces, and market trends. Market estimates are divided into six categories: basic OCT models, advanced OCT models, combination OCT/fundus systems, combination OCT/SLO systems, intraoperative OCT, and OCTA. Estimates are included for unit sales, installed equipment base, and average prices. Additionally, 12 OCT manufacturers are profiled, with discussion of their products, strategic market position, background, and outlook.

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