Our Methodology

A Multi-Step Approach for Accurate & Timely Data

Step 1: Collect Data

Market Scope leverages an extensive database of proprietary and public data that we integrate into our models. This provides industry-leading insight and market intelligence.

Proprietary data

  • 20+ years of physician survey data
  • Disease models
  • Cultivated database of physicians, ASCs, and hospitals
  • Insight from our team of in-house industry experts

Public data

  • Attendance and participation at major, worldwide meetings
  • Public health systems and registries
  • Clinical study data
  • Analysis of company-published financial reports

Step 2: Model and Analyze Market

Market Scope’s industry reports are meticulously prepared by a dedicated team of in-house consultants/analysts with over 100 years of collective experience. Each data point is derived from a combination of sources.

Extensive analysis

  • Integrated disease models
  • Expert-based segmentation

Integrate and reconcile

  • Continuous feedback loop
  • Integration of survey data
  • Triangulation of results
  • Cross-model analysis
  • Reconciliation to company revenues

Produce products covering key medical markets

  • Medical devices
  • Drugs/biologics
  • Equipment
  • Providers

Step 3: Gather and Incorporate Feedback

We continuously maintain an influx of data, feedback, and requests. We use this feedback to further improve upon our deliverables.

Gather feedback

  • New market insights
  • Client requests
  • Landmark study evaluations

Incorporate and revise

  • Forecasting models
  • Analytical tools and methods

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