United States Ophthalmic Atlases

Market Scope’s United States ophthalmic atlases identify treatment opportunity at the metro level for the top 85 metros—identifying high-opportunity and diseased populations, procedure volumes, premium penetration rates, surgeon counts, surgical locations, and much more. Companies often use this data throughout the development and commercialization processes to identify ideal clinical trial locations, develop launch strategies, define sales territories, allocate resources, and optimize sales and marketing initiatives.

Provided by metro

  • Identification of high-opportunity population
  • Procedure volumes by type
  • Surgeon profiles by volume category
  • ASC profiles: Counts and average procedure volumes
  • Demographic profiles: Population by age group, median age, household income, and diseased population
  • Much more varying by atlas subspecialty

Use cases

  • Development of product launch strategies
  • Sales territory analysis
  • Clinical trial site selection
  • Allocation of resources
  • Identifying metro-level market share
  • Comparing market potential between metros


Market Scope uses the proprietary MedOp Index™ Analysis to examine market potential and provides a benchmark against other metros. Each clinical area atlas considers multiple factors to identify opportunity. For example, the cataract MedOp Index™ considers the concentration of active, affluent seniors; the number of high-volume cataract surgeons; and ASC counts and volumes, while the retina MedOp Index™ considers annual IVT injections and vitrectomies per provider; the geographic concentration of diabetics; the total population with retinal diseases; and high-volume retinal care providers.

Available Atlases

2024 United States Cataract Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, April, 2024
2024 United States Refractive Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, March, 2024
2023 United States Retina Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, June, 2023
2022 United States Glaucoma Atlas Featuring the Market Scope Exclusive MedOp Index™ Analysis, May, 2022

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