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2021 Glaucoma Surgical Device Market Report: Global Analysis for 2020 to 2026, July, 2021

The “2021 Glaucoma Surgical Device Market Report" provides an analysis of COVID-19’s impact on glaucoma surgery in 2020 and forecasts the rebound by year through 2026. The new report focuses on novel MIGS devices in various stages of development and commercialization that are expected to see expanded use in more advanced stages of glaucoma, including the Santen PreserFlo, Glaukos iStent Infinite, and iSTAR MINIject.

The report examines how MIGS stents will increasingly be used in standalone glaucoma patients, and discusses how a handful of novel new glaucoma surgical devices have the potential to dramatically expand the number of surgeries performed, including the Alievio adjustable shunt device, Avisi Technologies microshunt, CorNeat Vision shunt, Glaukos iStent Infinite, MicroOptx Beacon shunt, Rheon Medical eyeWatch adjustable shunt, and Sanoculis minimally invasive microsclerostomy (MIMS) device. The report also focuses on new laser technologies that have the potential to dramatically expand the use of lasers in glaucoma, including the Belkin laser, ViaLase femtosecond laser, ELT Sight excimer laser, and IOPtiMate C02 laser.

Additionally, the report tracks the progress being made in sustained drug delivery devices in a separate section of the report and describes recently announced mergers and acquisitions and their expected market impact.

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