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2023 Single-Use Ophthalmic Surgical Products Market Report: Global Analysis for 2022 to 2028, August, 2023

The “2023 Single-Use Ophthalmic Surgical Products Market Report” provides new coverage of various sustainability initiatives to reduce operating room waste and assesses the likely impact on each of the 12 types of single-use ophthalmic surgical devices analyzed in the report—including a new rating scale to measure the predicted impact of these initiatives on future sales of each product category.

Although a growing number of ophthalmic surgeons are pledging to use fewer disposable products, the report explores how turning away single-use surgical devices altogether will not be easy because of the convenience they provide and the boon to patient safety in reducing cross-contamination.

The report also analyzes the trend of the largest reusable instrument companies adding disposable options to their product lines. Amid headwinds pushing toward sustainability, such moves are expected to help expand the disposable instrument market.

The report also details the marketing presence and selling methods of participants in the top 30 countries.

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